The framework for tokenized assets.

Provide tokenized assets utilizing Indexpo exceptional infrastructure, complete with a crypto securities registry.


We assist in the creation of your token and smart contracts, ensuring compliance with securities laws in your jurisdiction. Our technology-neutral approach supports a wide range of security token smart contract protocols.

Software Solutions

A software platform that facilitates the lawful issuance and administration of digital assets and securities on the blockchain. The solution Can be tailored to suit any issuing or investor jurisdiction.

Our Resources

We guide you through the rapidly evolving security token landscape via our network of trusted partners, which includes exchanges, investor networks, KYC providers, legal advisors, and more.

Meet Innovative technology that challenges traditional methods.

The Indexpo infrastructure covers all aspects of the tokenized assets value chain.

  • Asset servicing
  • Register management
  • Custody of crypto securities

Infrastructure with a valid license

In collaboration with our partners, we secure and seamlessly integrate all necessary licenses.

Crypto Securities Registry

Investment brokerage

Crypto custody

Independence and impartiality.

As a neutral partner, we do not compete with our clients for investors or issuers. Our product offerings are tailored to reflect your unique brand.

Agility and rapidity.

Our all-in-one standardized solution enables you to start operations within weeks, and our APIs offer maximum flexibility.

Infrastructure that operates within legal guidelines and regulations.

Our established infrastructure satisfies all Austrian regulations for issuing cryptocurrency securities.

All-in-one solution.

Indexpo provides all essential components for asset tokenization, perfectly coordinated and sourced from a single provider.

Tokenizable assets

A single solution that covers a broad range of asset classes.

Real Estate

the digitization of real estate assets, allowing for fractional ownership and easier transfer of ownership. It increases liquidity and can transform the industry by increasing efficiency, transparency, and accessibility.


Tokenization of collectibles allows you to own a piece of coveted assets, like artwork and rare coins, in digital form on a blockchain. Enjoy easy transfer of ownership, fractional ownership, and increased liquidity with greater transparency, security, and flexibility.

Alternative financing

by tokenizing these assets on a blockchain, fractional ownership becomes possible, allowing investors to purchase small portions of high-value assets. This can significantly reduce the minimum investment threshold.

Tokenization of ESG products

This process can increase accessibility and transparency for investors seeking to align their investments with their values.

Our Clients

Our solution is relied upon by both established institutions and innovative FinTechs

Investment platforms

We empower investment platforms to provide their clients with tokenized assets of diverse kinds through our infrastructure for tokenized assets. Our existing clients already offer a wide range of investment opportunities, including collectibles, renewable energies, and real estate.

Financial Institutions

The financial market is being constantly disrupted by both blockchain technology and the subsequent tokenization of assets. With the Indexpo infrastructure, financial institutions can reap ongoing benefits from the technological progress of blockchain-based capital market infrastructure and the resulting cost savings.

Real estate asset tokenization advantages

Exploring the Benefits of Tokenizing Real Estate Assets

Property tokenization use cases

Learn more about how your company can benefit from tokenization
Utilizing Real Estate Security Token Offerings for Fundraising
Real estate security token offerings provide an exceptional means of raising capital for real estate projects, whether it be for development, acquisition, or expansion of properties.
Acquiring Distressed Properties through Tokenization
Through tokenization, funds can be raised to purchase distressed properties, which can then be renovated or improved to increase their value, ultimately resulting in substantial profits for both the investors and the buyer upon selling them in the open market.
Increasing Earnings through Tokenization of Established Assets
Tokenization of established assets, particularly commercial real estate, has a significant impact on increasing earnings due to the reduced investment threshold, which attracts a larger number of potential buyers. This, in turn, can result in higher earnings for the seller as the number of interested buyers multiplies.
Real Estate Marketplace
By creating a tokenized real estate assets platform, it becomes possible to sell multiple properties, raise funds for various real estate developments, and allow a vast number of landowners to sell their properties. This provides an excellent opportunity to establish a robust and diverse real estate marketplace that benefits all parties involved.


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