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Indexpo is an informative and trading platform which helps you with introducing, promoting, and selling your products and/or services as well as consulting and providing all materials, and services you need to build, design, and personalize your house as you always wish.


International network of architecture and designer

Architects, decorators, designers, resellers, manufacturers, buyers, homeowners, and design lovers join Indexpo every day to sell or find products and services and get inspired. Also, they can aware of new and rising products and materials.


The best options for you

We`ve hand-picked best brands and solutions for you. We search the world to discover new and innovative brands and sophisticated people, to help you build your space as you want.


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We help you to extend your target market by publishing and promoting your products and services.
Your virtual showcase with catalogs, photos, news and contact information available everywhere.

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By joining to Indexpo you actually join a global hub of an architectural word with millions of architects, designers, home-owners, manufacturers, and resellers.

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