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Aban’s Carpets

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Iranians have always been famous for their creativity and innovations and this can be spotted easily in their art of carpet weaving, astronomy, medical professions, poetry and architecture.

But the art of carpet weaving in Iran must be considered as a limitless and infinite art as in different cities and different villages it has its own texture and design and colors and it goes deeper as this variety continues in each person in nomads and as a result we witness abstract arts in Iranian traditional Gabe carpets.

This independence in form and design was in fact a way to peacefully prove the artistic civilization and innovation of a city, village or a person.

Now, with this heritage from the expert men and women of Iran, three brothers who has gained expertise in antique and brilliant old carpets by working alongside their father who has spent over 50 years of his lifetime in this field, established “Farsh-e-Aban” in 2007 in order to create the special innovation in Iranian traditional carpet.

This masterpieces were first started through the idea of changing the colors of pre-weaved carpets so that pieces from different carpets were attached together and the result was astonishing so many designers and experts from all over the globe admired them. These admirations and praises resulted in more and more manufacturers to use the same idea either in Iran or its neighbor countries such as Turkey, India and Pakistan.

Today, we in “Farsh-e-Aban” with the heritage and originality behind us, decided to continue our path in compiling both western taste and eastern artistic roots, in designing and manufacturing Iranian carpets and expand it in a way that this magnificent art gets more realization and admiration through the world.